Angus Keay and Kristina Karsetile, electric guitar and piano teachers respectively at the Uppsala Kulturskola in Sweden, are visiting our center these days and attending different classes in Preparatory Visit, with the intention of returning next year with more teachers from their center in Job-shadowing.

Among other activities, they are visiting these days piano, band, orchestra, chamber music and production classes, as well as attending several concerts organized in the center within the program “Enclave Morada” which this week commemorates the day of women and tries to give visibility to the role of women composers in the world of music.

The Erasmus+ Team is acting as hosts so that they can make the most of the few days they are in our center and in our city, and it is also worth mentioning the fabulous welcome and willingness of the entire faculty and of course the management team.

Our students will visit this year the Uppsala Kulturskola in April, and last year our teachers were also very well received there. It seems that between this Swedish school and ours, we can create great ties thanks to the Erasmus+ program.

Here are some pictures of the visit, where as you can see, there was also some sightseeing in our city, despite the rain.

Arrival at the center and reception of the Erasmus+ Team. From left to right: Cecilia Martínez, Carmen Carreiras, Kristina Karsetile, Ángel Montes, Angus Keay, Sara Peral and Virginia Lis.
Gifts from Sweden. Our partners are very kind and know that we have a sweet tooth in these lands.
Kristina and Angus getting to know the Galician bagpipes from Cristian Silvia, bagpipe teacher at our center.
Walking through the city, in front of the emblematic monument “El Sireno” (Mermaid Man). On the other side of the camera Sara Peral, our coordinator, taking our picture.
Eating “Tapas” at the emblematic restaurant “Eligio”.