Our students Candela Teijeira, Helena Fernández and Andrea Cangeri, are already in Uppsala visiting the Uppsala Kulturskola, accompanied by our Head of Studies Javier González Lamas, within the activities of the Erasmus+ KA121 2023-2024 program.

According to Candela, Andrea, Helena, and our Head of Studies Javier, they arrived tired but were very well received. They are doing an intense program of visits from different classes and everything is being very interesting and very well organized.

They are also delighted with the food in the canteen and with the beautiful friendships that are emerging. It seems that this experience is going to be very engraved in the lives of our students and teachers.

We want to thank from the Erasmus+ team of CMUS Professional of Vigo, all the teachers of the Uppsala Kulturskola, for their great work, and especially our dear Angus Keay.

Here we leave you some pictures that they send us and soon we will continue telling more stories of this beautiful adventure: