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Colleague Óscar Davila Mariño reflects on the experience of job-shadowing in Italy.

Óscar Davila Mariño Professor of horn, chamber music, Jazz Band and professional outlets of music (optional) of the Cmus Profesional de Vigo, participated from 16 to 20 April 2024, together with Professor Ramón Cabezas, in the Erasmus+ mobility within the… Continue Reading →

Concert from the Uppsala Kulturskola where our students participated!

The students of the Cmus profesional de Vigo who were visiting the Uppsala Kulturskola, in Sweden, participated in a concert within the mobility activities of the KA 121 2023-2024 project. By courtesy of the faculty of the Uppsala Kulturskola, here… Continue Reading →

Erasmus+ students in the Podcast ‘Contos da Miñoca’!

The students who enjoyed the mobility to Uppsala within the Erasmus+ KA121 2023-2024 programme participated from this city in the programme nº12 of the Podcast ‘Os contos da miñoca’ elaborated by the bagpipe teacher Cristian Silva for the Cmus Profesional… Continue Reading →

Last days of our students in Uppsala!

The students of the CMUS Professional in Vigo who are in Uppsala within the mobilities of the KA121 2023-2024 project, are living their last days in the Uppsala Kulturskola, full of activities and beautiful experiences. Among the activities of this… Continue Reading →

Óscar Davila and Ramón Cabezas, teachers of the CMUS Professional Vigo, are in Parma in the last of the mobilities carried out this year within the Erasmus+ KA121 2023-2024 project.

CMUS Professional Vigo colleagues, Óscar Davila Mariño and Ramón Cabezas Varela, Horn and Harmony teachers respectively, are this week in Parma, Italy, from Tuesday 16th to Saturday 20th April, in Job-Shadowing activities at the Arrigo Boito Conservatory of Music. Attending… Continue Reading →

The students of the CMUS Professional of Vigo are already in Uppsala for Erasmus!

Our students Candela Teijeira, Helena Fernández and Andrea Cangeri, are already in Uppsala visiting the Uppsala Kulturskola, accompanied by our Head of Studies Javier González Lamas, within the activities of the Erasmus+ KA121 2023-2024 program. According to Candela, Andrea, Helena,… Continue Reading →

Arrival in Lugano of Mar Bel, the flute teacher of our conservatory.

María del Mar Bel Borja, the colleague who teaches flute at the Cmus Profesional de Vigo, arrived this Tuesday February 6th to Lugano, canton of Switzerland, as part of the “Job Shadowing” activities of the Erasmus KA121 2023-2024 program. After… Continue Reading →

Our colleagues Gloria Rodríguez and Aine Veloso are already in Loulé!

On Monday, February 5, our colleagues Gloria Rodríguez Gil, music language teacher, and Aine Veloso Álvarez, piano teacher, began their visit to the Francisco Rosado Conservatory in Loulé, Portugal. They arrived to this city together, in an ecological trip sharing… Continue Reading →

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