On Monday, February 5, our colleagues Gloria Rodríguez Gil, music language teacher, and Aine Veloso Álvarez, piano teacher, began their visit to the Francisco Rosado Conservatory in Loulé, Portugal. They arrived to this city together, in an ecological trip sharing a car, following one of the priorities of the Erasmus+ program “Environment and fight against climate change”.

During these days, from Monday, February 5 to Friday, February 9, they visited the facilities of this center and attended different classes. They were impressed, as they say, with the beauty of the auditorium of this center, with capacity for an audience of 100 people, and also with the building, which in the words of Aine “is small but beautiful”.

Another thing that caught their attention was the center’s policy of trying to fight against the excessive use of cell phones by means of ingenious posters like this one.

Among the activities they carried out were attending classes of violin quartet, band, viola da gamba, Portuguese guitar in which they were impressed with the method and creativity of Professor Zé Alegre, harpsichord class, analysis and recorder among others. The Francisco Rosado Conservatory makes a great commitment to the study of instruments and early music, but also to modern music with subjects such as jazz combo.

We are looking forward to our classmates returning and transmitting their experiences, learning and emotions to our faculty. According to them, they were very satisfied with the good reception and involvement of our Portuguese partners.

Here we leave you some pictures that Aine and Gloria took for all of us with love and enthusiasm. From the Erasmus+ Team of the Cmus Profesional de Vigo we send our thanks to our partners for the good representation they made of our center in the Portuguese country.

Exterior shot of the Franciasco Rosado Conservatory building
Our colleagues Aine Veloso and Gloria Rodríguez at the entrance to the Conservatory.
From left to right: Aine, Fernando Ponte, Gloria, José Gomes and Sergio Leite. Fernando Ponte and José Gomes are members of the Erasmus+ Team and Sergio Leite is the center director.
In recorded lessons with the teacher Ana Figueiras
With the viola da gamba teacher Ana Sousa

Detail of the stairs with a shield carved in stone from 1826.
Portuguese guitar, instrument taught by teacher Zé Alegre
Renaissance instruments