Our colleague Ángel Montes, secretary of the Center and member of the Erasmus+ Team of the Cmus Profesional de Vigo, took advantage of these days of December to visit, during this long weekend, the Conservatory of Loulé, in Portugal, and prepare the work planning that our colleagues Gloria Rodríguez Gil and Aine Veloso Álvarez will follow.

The visit of our colleagues Gloria, teacher of music theory and ear training, and Aine, piano teacher, to the Conservatory of Loulé, will take place between February 5 and 9. To make their work route, Angel met with the headmaster of the Portuguese Conservatory Sergio Leite, and also with the Erasmus Coordinator Fernando Ponte.

Here are some pictures of the conservatory with which Angel was amazed.

Ángel Montes and the portuguese Headmaster Sergio Leite.
Ángel de Erasmus+ Coordinator Fernando Ponte.

Some pictures of the Conservatory and Auditorium of Loulé.