After the awards ceremony on June 13, the 1st Edition of “European Roots” took place, an event in which a tree (liquidambar styraciflua) was planted in the garden of our Center to promote environmental sustainability, a fundamental pillar on which the Erasmus+ program is based.

The afternoon of last Tuesday 13th of June was very special for the Erasmus+ Team of the CMUS Professional Music School of Vigo, because, apart from unveiling the new logo and the new tune of our Erasmus+ Accreditation for the next 4 years, an event with a very special symbolism took place. It took place the planting of a tree in the garden of the center, to involve, once again, the educational community with the Erasmus+ Project that is being carried out and, at the same time, to highlight one of the pillars that sustains this European program: environmental sustainability.

Public and participants attending the tree planting of the “European Roots” event.

The event had a remarkable involvement of students and faculty, with the participation of 100% of the participants of the Erasmus+ contest, the teachers who made up the evaluation committee, the entire Erasmus+ team and other CMUS teachers and families.

The members of the Erasmus+ Contest evaluation committee, Ramón Cabezas, Sara Peral and Ángel Montes, and Virginia Lis, representing the Erasmus+ Team, doing their bit during the planting.
Íñigo Cabaleiro, student of 4ºGE of the Gaita specialty and Cristian Silva, head of the department of Traditional Music, obseguiándonos with his music in such a special moment.

In addition, we were very fortunate to have live music thanks to the presence of bagpipe student Íñigo Cabaleiro and teacher Cristian Silva, who accompanied him on the tambourine, creating a magical atmosphere outdoors during the planting. This new tree in our garden represents the “European Roots” of our CMUS thanks to the existence of the Erasmus+ program in our center and will dye with bright and vivid colors the coming autumns.

Sara Peral, piano teacher, accompanying pianist and Erasmus+ Coordinator of CMUS Vigo, was Erasmus+ Coordinator of CMUS Vigo, full of pride during the event.