On June 13, the awards ceremony of the Erasmus+ Contest took place, through which our Erasmus+ Accreditation has been given a logo and a tune.

Among the dissemination activities that the Erasmus+ program has been carrying out, the Erasmus+ Contest stands out, by means of which, through two categories: logo and tune, music and image are put to our Erasmus+ Accreditation, valid until 2027.

The call for this contest was made last May and, finally, last Tuesday, June 13, we have known the winners from among 7 participants who participated in this edition.

At 18h, in the David Russel Auditorium took place the ceremony of delivery of diplomas to all the participants, presented by the Vice-Director of the center and member of the Erasmus Team. Another member of the team, Ángel Montes, who was also a member of the evaluation panel, gave a speech.

Ángel Montes, giving his speech. The evaluation commission together with the 3 award winners. The evaluation commission and Carmen Carreiras Pita presenting the event.

The judging panel for the competition was made up of three members: one of them, a member of the Erasmus+ Team (Ángel Montes), another from the Composition Department (Ramón Cabezas) and, of course, the Erasmus+ Coordinator, Sara Peral.

The evaluation committee together with the participants of the Erasmus+ Competition.
The three winners of the contest: Alejandro Portela 6thGP (1st Prize: Tuning category), Giovanna Domínguez 4thGP (1st Prize: Logo category) and Lucía Miranda 1st GE (2nd Prize: Logo category).
The award winners together with the evaluation committee.
Winning logo, made by Giovanna Domínguez Armadáns, from 5th GP.

Thank you to all the participants for being part of this event and for leaving your mark on the Erasmus+ project. From the Erasmus+ Team we take this opportunity to tell you that very soon the students will start to benefit from the Erasmus+ mobilities of CMUS: stay tuned to keep you up to date with the news!