Sara Peral, Erasmus+ coordinator of the CMUS Professional in Vigo attended, between September 18th and 19th, the Erasmus+ Mobility Days for Vocational Education and Training, Accredited and short-term mobility projects for students and staff in Vocational Education and Training (KA121 and KA122-VET) of the Erasmus+ 2023 Call, organized by SEPIE.

According to our coordinator Sara Peral, it was very exciting for her to be able to attend these face-to-face conferences, since for a long time, partly due to the pandemic, she had to do online training.

In these conferences, it is worth mentioning the participation of our center as one of the few CMUS in Spain achieving the Erasmus+ accreditation, specifically only 16 CMUS in the whole country have this category.

The CMUS are included in the Erasmus+ training within the Vocational Training Days, therefore, exposing the variety of existing projects, we highlight the participation in the Round Table of the coordinator of the CMUS of Ciudad Real talking about their project.

Sara tells us that they were very intense days, with a lot of information to assimilate and apply to our E+ project, but also very rewarding, as she had the opportunity to meet the coordinators of the other accredited CMUS of Music and Dance.

We show you some pictures taken by our colleague, with which she was telling the other members of the Erasmus+ team of the CMUS Professional Vigo about her experiences in Gijón city.

Sara Peral in front of the Laboral University in Gijón, with the accreditation of the conference organized by SEPIE.

María Gómez Ortueta, Director of Vocational Training, presenting the conference.
Round table presenting the different projects where we highlight the participation of the coordinator of Ciudad Real professional CMUS.
Lunch in The Painting Room at the Laboral University of Gijón.
Music and dance CMUS coordinators with María Gómez Ortueta
SEPIE Speakers participating in the conferences.