Between October 9th and 13th, different activities will take place at the CMUS Professional in Vigo, on the occasion of the Erasmus Days 2023, which are held throughout Europe on the same dates.

The activities scheduled in our center are as follows:

On October 9th, Monday, the promotional video of the new Erasmus+ KA121 project will be premiered on the TV in the entrance hall, at 4 pm. Also at that time it will be possible to watch this presentation on our Youtube channel and the link will be active on this blog. But if you can not attend the presentation, do not worry, as the video will be projected throughout the week.

For the 10th of October we have a very special event, as we will inaugurate the Erasmus+ accreditation plaque given to our school by SEPIE. This event will take place at 7 pm and will also be in the entrance hall.

On October 11th there will be two talks in which teachers who enjoyed Erasmus mobilities in the last academic year will share with us their impressions and experiences, and in which we will also talk about the KA121 project for the academic year 2023-2024. In these talks we will reveal the new destinations for this academic year. The first talk will be at 10 am and it´s aimed at teachers of our center, and the second talk will be at 8 pm and is intended for students studying from 3rd year of Professional Education, and families who wish to listen too.

We look forward to seeing you all!!