In this photo report, we can see how much fun we had at the ErasmusDays between October 9th and 13th, where we shared the experiences of last year and unveiled the project and destinations for this year.

From the Erasmus+ team of the CMUS Professional in Vigo we would like to thank all the participants who attended these events, and we hope that the information shared will be of great benefit to encourage the entire educational community to participate in the Erasmus Program.

Europe starts here!

Presentation of the 2023 video and decoration of the entrance hall

Sara Peral, coordinator of the Erasmus+ Team, and Ángel Montes, secretary of the school and member of the Erasmus+ Team, accompanied by the music of Ainhoa Rodríguez Álvarez, student of bagpipes of 5th year of GP who played the pieces “Marcha dos Matos” and “Atrás” by Xesús Vaamonde, inaugurating the Erasmus+ Accreditation plaque awarded by the SEPIE to our center.

Talks aimed at teachers and students.

In the first image above from left to right, Ángel Montes, Sara Peral and Virginia Lis (members of the E+ team) and Blanca Vázquez together with Gloria Rodríguez, teachers from the center who shared their experiences from last year’s project.

In the three images below, from left to right, Ramón Cabezas, Sara Peral, Carmen Carreiras and Blanca Vázquez. Sara Peral, as project coordinator, explaining to the students the new features of this year’s project, together with Ramón, Carmen and Blanca sharing their experiences of last year’s project.