This Wednesday, January 17th, took place the English language training for teachers. This was the last of the previous language training days for teachers who will participate in the mobilities of the KA121 2023-2024 project.

This Wednesday’s training was focused on learning and reviewing the English language, the vehicular language of communication for those mobilities where we are not fluent in the language of the country, and it is through English that communication is made possible.

The teachers who taught the different language courses, Italian, Portuguese and English, came from the Concorde Academy. The participants were very happy with the training, so congratulations to the Concorde teachers for their professionalism.

This was the penultimate of the Preliminary Training Days for teachers, with the session on the Self-Protection Plan and action in case of emergency still to be held on Wednesday, January 24. It is not long now until everything is ready and the mobilities can begin in February.

From left to right the participants: Oscar Rodríguez, Ramón Cabezas and Óscar Davila together with the teacher Stephanie Hilton.