Music Without Borders

KA 102 Project – E+ 2020 Call

The Vigo Music Conservatory is already in Erasmus+!

The Vigo CMUS participated in the Erasmus+ 2020 call presenting its first project: Music Without Borders. The E+ Commission worked very hard and with great enthusiasm so that our Conservatory could become part of the great Erasmus+ universe.

This is a project for the mobility of staff for training purposes, which will allow the implementation of job shadowing activities in homologous partner centers.

Our project was selected, holding the 11th place among more than 700 applications KA102 (Vocational Training Key Action) submitted throughout Spain.

Very excited about the result, we are looking forward to starting our Erasmus+. Initially, it was planned to take place during the academic year 2020-2021. However, the complex circumstances generated by the current health situation prevent, as is happening in other areas, its proper implementation. That is why the project is temporarily paused, waiting for an improvement that allows the effective realization of the mobilities.

Here, you can find the Abstract “Music Without Borders” that was included in the project application.

Abstract “Music Without Borders”