Víctor Chávez García, Miriam Vila Figueirido, Xián Pena Puza and Iria Muñoz de Santiago are the winners in the categories of Tuning and Logo, respectively.

The Vigo Music Conservatory is in luck, it is making its debut in the Erasmus+ program with “Music Without Borders”, its first European project with which it will carry out staff mobilities for training. The complicated situation of the current year as a result of the pandemic delayed its implementation. However, these circumstances did not prevent other activities from being carried out, such as the “Music Without Borders” competition.

Organized by the Conservatory Erasmus+ Commission, the competition was aimed at finding a logo and a tune that would give image and sound to the project. The aim of this activity was to promote the dissemination of the Erasmus+ project “Music Without Borders” among its educational community, as well as to encourage their participation and involvement in it.

On June 7, with all COVID measures, the awards ceremony took place in the hall of the Conservatory. Xián Pena Puza (1st Professional Grade of Percussion) and Iria Muñoz de Santiago (5th Professional Grade of Clarinet) won 1st and 2nd prize, respectively, in the Logo category. In the Tune category, Víctor Chávez García (student of 5th year of Professional Grade of Double Bass) won the 1st prize
and Miriam Vila Figueirido (student of 6th year of Professional Grade of Violin and 4th year of Professional Grade of Singing) the 2nd prize.

The jury was composed by three teachers form the Vigo Conservatory: Sara Peral Hernández (Erasmus+ Coordinator), Carmen Carreiras Pita (Vice-Director and member of the Erasmus+ Commission) and Ángel Montes Abalde (Teaching Secretary and member of the Composition Department). All of them agreed in highlighting the high participation of the students, as well as the quality and originality of the works received.

Soon we will share more details about the awarded works.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants!

First Prize in the Logo Category: Xián Pena Puza
Second Prize in the Logo Category: Iria Muñoz de Santiago
Logo Category Participants
First Prize in the Tune Category: Víctor Chávez García
Second Prize in the Tune Category: Miriam Vila Figueirido
Tune Category participants
The Jury: Carmen Carreiras, Ángel Montes and Sara Peral