We already have the results of the surveys that were carried out after the informative talks held during the celebration of the ErasmusDays 2023.

In the attached PDF we show the survey charts with the results of the questions we asked in the evaluation survey about the informative talks for students and teachers during the ErasmusDays 2023. In addition to these results, quite satisfactory, we also received the following comments that we reflect below, and for which the Erasmus+ Team is very grateful and thankful. We would also like to thank the teachers who participated last year in the mobilities, and who volunteered to collaborate in this year’s informative talks: Berta Fresco, Ramón Cabezas, Blanca Vázquez, Gloria Rodríguez, Carmen Carreiras, Ángel Montes and Virginia Lis.


“It was a talk that solved all the doubts I had. Also the students were encouraged to participate, I was really grateful that the Erasmus+ program started this year for students.”


“Thank you for your work, you are a powerhouse.”

“Thank you for your work and your enthusiasm.”

“The projection in the entrance hall is fantastic, the project management impeccable, I feel fortunate to be eligible for this opportunity.”

“Very good initiative, and very well organized activity!”

“Excellent work of the whole Erasmus+ team, and an exemplary behavior of the teachers who did mobilities last year.”