We start the course and we debut in ErasmusDays

Time flies and… we are already fully engaged in the new course 2021-2022. As every year, in the Comission E+ of the Conservatory, we begin with so much desire and illusion. And even more this year, since, if sanitary conditions allow to, we will be able to perform Erasmus+ mobility activities of Music Without Borders. 

And to whet your appetite, soon we are taking part in the ErasmusDays’ 5th edition, which is taking place on 14th, 15th and 16th October. 

As SEPIE explains, “#ErasmusDays is the European celebration campaign which gives value to the benefits of Europe, through the dissemination of Erasmus+ programme’s projects of the European Union, involving the educative community, the interested parts and citizenship in general.” You can look up all the activities programmed in the whole Europe here:

ErasMUSIC Days” will be our particular event in the context of this celebration. During 15th October’s afternoon, Erasmus+ blog and the CMUS YouTube channel will be released at the same time in the Conservatory Hall, with a short video presentation about our “Music Without Borders” project and some activities already carried out so far.