Our Erasmus+ Coordinator attendeds the Conference “Internacionaliza a túa escola” organized by the CAFI. It took place on March 12th and 13th.

Our Coordinator was one of the more than 400 people attending this new edition that, this year marked by the health crisis, took place in digital format.

Inaugurated by the Secretary General of Education and Vocational Training of the Department of Culture, Education and University, Mr. José Luis Mira Lema, the conference was about eTwinning, Erasmus+ and other internationalization proposals. Among the speakers were representatives of SEPIE, INTEF and the Innovation and Human Resources Training Service of the Regional Ministry.

We would like to thank CAFI for organizing such an interesting conference, where we can get in touch, among others, with examples of good practices of internationalization in schools and that allow us to know what is being done in other schools in the field of international projects.