During last February took place the formative sessions framed within the context of the Erasmus+ mobilities. Four meetings were held: one on prevention and the center’s Self-Protection Plan, two sessions dedicated to language skills training (Portuguese and Italian), and the fourth and last one, which took place on February 23, on cultural background and practical advice for the stays abroad.

On February 2, Pedro Morcego (Preventecnia) gave a Prevention Workshop dedicated to the center’s Self-Protection Plan.
Two CMUS teachers, Carmen Carreira and Sara Peral, who will participate in the Erasmus+ mobilities, with Geny Pereira, teacher responsible for Portuguese language course.
CMUS teachers (Isabel Gómez, Esperanza Mara Filgueira and Sara Peral) with the professor who gave the Italian language lesson, Paola Ursomando.
The last session took place on February 23 and was dedicated to cultural background and practical advice for mobilities.
Sara Peral and Virginia Lis, speakers of the last training session, dedicated to cultural aspects and practical advice for Erasmus+ 2022 mobilities.