The last training session prior to the 7 mobilities of this year’s Erasmus+ project took place on the 2nd of February. The session was addressed to the 7 participants of the Erasmus+ mobilities and to the candidates of the waiting list. The topic addressed was the prevention of occupational hazards in the teaching sector and international travel.

Beatriz Galiñares was in charge of giving us the guidelines and recommendations to take into account in our work environment in order to minimise the risks and illnesses derived from our teaching practice. The 8 participants in the training were the 7 teachers who will actively participate in the mobilities to Uppsala, Verona and San José during the next months, and one candidate from the waiting list, ready to pack his suitcase in case any of the selected participants should drop out.

Ramón Cabezas, Oscar Rodríguez, Carmen Carreiras, Ángel Montes, Virginia Lis, Blanca Vázquez, Berta Fresco and Gloria Rodríguez, students of the training.

All participating teachers are looking forward to starting the Erasmus+ adventure in the coming months of February and March. Bon voyage to all of you!