“Music Without Borders”, a KA 102 project for teacher mobility for training purposes through job shadowing, was developed and presented by the Vigo Music Conservatory, which acts as the coordinating center of the project. In turn, four other conservatories participate as host partner centers. 

Our partners are homologous centers of musical education:

Conservatorio G.F. Ghedini of Cuneo (Italy).

Alfredo Casella Conservatory of L’Aquila (Italy)

Conservatory of Guimares (Portugal)

Conservatory of La Rochelle (France)

All of them welcomed and accepted with enthusiasm our proposal to participate in “Music Without Borders”. We hope that our mutual collaboration will be enriching and will allow us to create lasting bonds that can generate other future projects. 

The E+ Coordinator of the CMUS Professional Vigo is in charge of the implementation of the project. She, together with the E+ Commission, works in coordination with the Erasmus+ Managers of each of the partner centers for an adequate management and planning of the project. 

Let’s know a little more about our partners

G.F. Ghedini Conservatory of Cuneo (Italy)

The G.F. Ghedini is a Music Conservatory located in Cuneo, Italy. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, as well as Pre-Academic courses. 

It has about 500 students and approximately one hundred professors.

It is a conservatory with great musical activity that annually organizes numerous masterclasses, concerts (both of teachers and guests, as well as students), Erasmus+ activities and mobilities, music courses (classical, jazz and pop), international projects with institutions from France, Sweden, Portugal or Greece, etc.

Regarding the Erasmus+ program, it is a center with extensive experience, both in sending and hosting students and staff. It holds the ECHE Charter (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) and collaborates regularly with numerous music centers throughout Europe. 

More information on its website

Alfredo Casella Conservatory of L’Aquila (Italy)

The Alfredo Casella Conservatory is located in L’Aquila, Italy. It is an institution of higher education with more than 50 years of history. It has a faculty of more than 160 professors who make up ten teaching departments: Strings, Wind Instruments, Chamber Music, Singing and Musical Theater, Piano, Keyboard and Percussion, Ancient Instruments, Contemporary Music, Electronics and New Technologies and Jazz. It also offers a consolidated Music Therapy course. 

It has more than 400 Bachelor and Master students, as well as around 450 Elementary students. 

In addition, it has an ECHE Charter (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education), and a great experience in the program, having started its Erasmus+ program in 2004. 

If you want to know more visit their website

Conservatory of Guimaraes (Portugal)

The Music Conservatory of Guimaraes (Portugal) is a center very similar to ours in terms of size and characteristics. The institution wants to promote, as we do, its Erasmus+ experience.

The center participates in various inter-institutional collaborations. Likewise, the Guimaraes Musical Society carries out different musical projects, such as the Concert Society B. Valentim Moreira de Sá, the choir, the Guimaraes International Guitar Festival or Guimaramus.

To learn more, visit his website

Conservatory of La Rochelle (France)

This is a Conservatory of Music and Dance located in La Rochelle (France). As with our Portuguese partner, it is a center similar to ours in terms of characteristics and Erasmus+ experience. 

It teaches the levels of Initiation and Cycles 1th (the fundamentals), 2nd (deepening) and 3rd (both “amateur” and professional orientation), in addition to offering education for adults and distance learning. 

It has a staff of 50 people and more than 1000 students in total.
Find out more about this center on its web page